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Custom Tea Blends Paired with Mindfulness Activities

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Gone are the days of having no time for yourself.

Choose from one of our six custom Lunar Leaves blends, and allow yourself to be guided into a world of relaxation and personal discovery.


Know yourself better

✷ Practice meditation with the guided audio track
✷ Experiment with unique tarot spreads
✷ Journal using the specialised prompts


Bond with your loved ones

✷ Host a tarot tea party with friends
✷ Enjoy your beverage hot or cold with assorted recipes
✷ Relax to the sounds of custom music mixes


Be part of our community

✷ Join us for mindfulness events
✷ Engage with us on our journal and podcasts
✷ Collaborate with us and reach out


Take Home Retreat

All six flavours of Lunar Leaves have been created with much love and care to accompany you on the journey within.

Each tin contains 28 tea bags, and a deck of 10 cards that cover a wide range of activities, exercises and meditations.

These experiences are designed to encourage you to take time to be present for yourself.

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When was the last time you put yourself first?

In this world full of distractions and with the multiple roles and responsibilities we all have, we often end up leaving time for ourselves till the very end when in fact we should be putting ourselves first.

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