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Sacred Union: Get to know our hosts

After the completion of Sacred Union and the launch of our digital space, my mind kept wandering back to how amazing it was being able to witness Stephanie and Ida hosting the session.

Having the privileges and necessary approvals to carry out the Zoom session amidst the confusion of the Phase 2 Heightened Alert made us realise just how much of a blessing being able to hold and create space for the Self is. To be able to go within the body is truly one of the most beautiful journeys that can be explored.

I got to know a little more about Stephanie and Ida; how they conceptualised Sacred Union and how it made sense in their minds and I'm so excited to share this little Q&A we had with them.

Sacred Union: Get to know our host, Ida Idiana

Ida’s purpose is to create safe space for all humans to freely express themselves through the voice. Her deepest hope is that through her Kirtans, hearts will open, and all attendees will find deep healing and home in their bodies.

She has personally experienced miraculous joy and connection from singing in group and wishes to create the same experience for others.

Seeing those who show up and courageously allow their voices to be heard inspires her to keep doing this work, and she is able to support people in connecting with each other through hosting sacred circles. Her gentle guidance allows people to feel safe and empowered.


Find Ida on Instagram @ida.lives

Sacred Union: Get to know our host, Stephanie Leong 

Stephanie is a Somatic Depth Therapist and Embodied Movement Facilitator.

She desires for a world in which all humans feel safe, fully-bodied, and free to express. Her purpose is in providing support to her clients and class participants safely back into the loving home of the body.

Through somatic, depth psychology and expressive arts, she alchemizes her knowledge and integrates them into powerful experiences that connects people to their deepest Self, so that we can all live a life that is robust, vibrant, and passionate.

Find Stephanie on Instagram @glitterdustandlovehearts and @soma_psyche_alchemy

Now you have gotten to know now Ida and Stephanie, here is a replay of the intimate session we had on Saturday, 24th July 2021, with a little more insight on their work.

We hope for all of you watching, whether this is for the first time or re-experiencing it for the second, to find depth in this journey of self-exploration.

I would like to encourage you all to share this session with your friends, family, or even your romantic partner, in a safe space, within your home or even via Zoom. Bear witness to each of your journeys, and know that you can always create and hold space for yourself, mid tumbling through the sky, or even during a pandemic.

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