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How do our hands feel?

Have you ever wondered how amazing it is what our hands do? Isn’t it beautiful how we tend to describe certain intangible experiences as things we can hold onto?

Out of the 7 trillion nerves that run through our body, the ones on our hands allow us feel, through our skin, nails, and sometimes through space, holding and grasping onto physical objects.

With the same hands we carry out routines, powered by the brain in habitual motion, brushing our teeth, feeding us food; the left hand meeting the right in expressions of joy and praise.

The way we feel a pulse through finger tips on the touch of another, connecting beyond ourselves with another, all in our experience of our world, inside and out.

Our fingers communicate in an instinctual way we tend to take for granted. Its touch and virtual radar for what is within or out of reach is always giving us hints and preferences of what feels right or not—have you ever given it recognition?

Take a moment now, to look at your hands—eyes wide open, eyes shut. Allow yourself to feel it with finger tips reaching across the horizon, to the depths of the Earth, curling it back in to its own embrace. Let your right hand find its way to the left, kissing tangibly and intangibly. Give it permission to interlace and find embrace, dancing along all crevices; touching skin to skin, bone to bone, vein to vein, cell to cell.

Just for today I’d like for you to try, and mindfully use your hands, beyond your naturalistic inclinations. Let the surfaces it graze through touch or sense speak to it. Allow it to speak conscientiously, to you. Use your hands mindfully, honouring it space to work its artistry. Hands up in tribute to all it has served you for, have them just be.

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